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Budget Pay
Let us help you get a jump-start on winter by creating a personal propane budget tailored to your specific needs and usage. We’ll average your gallons used in prior years while estimating an anticipated cost. We’ll then divide your yearly estimated cost of propane by 12 months to determine a monthly payment. Early Spring, when usage typically decreases, a credit will accrue saving you the headache of a larger bill during the winter months.

If your payments exceed your purchases, we will gladly remit to you a refund check no later than the start of the next cycle, or carry over the credit to the next term to save you yet again.

Budget Pay Program 2
Tank Renting Program
Al’s Gas offers a variety of sizes of tanks for rental for a small monthly charge due every six months. 
Give us a call to inquire about renting a tank from us.



Purchasing your propane for next winter may be the answer for those seeking stability in our ever changing economy. Historically, prices decrease during the summer months when inventory is high and usage is low while expectedly increasing during the higher demanding months, such as winter. Al's Gas has you covered through with a pre buy options.  We will let you lock in the summer price on that date plus a small fee for storing the gas until delivery.  We will estimate the gallons you typically use during the fall, winter, and early spring months and then guarantee our mutually agreed upon number of gallons at that price for that day. All discounts will have already been calculated at the date of the contract and you will be kept on regular route, eliminating the nuisance of trudging through the snow to keep an eye on your tank or running out of gas in the dead of winter.

Al's Gas would like to point out that although the benefits of the program are great and may save you, the customer, significant money and headache; however, there may be some important drawbacks to consider. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the future or what the market will do. There is always the possibility that the propane market could hold steady at the summer price well into fall and winter, or may even decrease resulting in a higher contracted price. While we have had some experience with this situation, the customer who participates in the program on a yearly basis, comes out ahead in the long run.

Another aspect to consider, pre-purchasing your propane gallons for such a long period of time could require a significant investment.  We do have some payment options that are available based on your credit.  Please call to discuss the program and your options.


Rebates Available Through Missouri and Oklahoma PERC (Propane Education and Research Council)
If you are considering building a new home or business, or remodeling an existing structure, you may be eligible for a rebate!

Call Al's Gas Company at 417-451-2250 for Info

Typical Rebate programs:
(these programs are subject to availability)

Water Heater
$400 New Construction
$400 Replace Existing Electric or Natural Gas

$400 New Construction
$400 Replace Existing Electric or Natural Gas

Bonus Appliance
$100 New Construction
$100 Replace Existing Electric or Natural Gas

1. Copy of paid invoice for purchase of appliance
2. Copy of Safety Gas Inspection
(must be within 30 days of application postmark)

Rebate is capped at a maximum of $1,000


MO-PERC Application Rebate Form





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